Lulu The Giant

The UnderGo Festival March 9th-11th Savannah, GA

Halfway to Somewhere

Long road ahead. Album's on it's way, release show is on the books, three weeks and I may melt. It's been a journey to get this far. To play in the bars, to pay my dues, to use those dues to pay for the recording. To get the recording to pay for the merch. To get the merch to pay for more merch, To make fans, to tour, to pay for gas... too far. We're just at the merch. Picked these folks up along the way. Tons of rehearsing and decades of practice and we're not even close. But it's so, so worth it. Welcome to the dream y'all. We're stoked to play for you. Get your ears ready, your hearts open, and support live music.