Lulu The Giant

The UnderGo Festival March 9th-11th Savannah, GA

Follow The Leader

Today I realized the people I've looked up to have been standing on the same sized stage. From so far away I assumed they were all giants. As I've edged closer through the masses I've realized the truth. The truth is they're right next to me, they were just ahead of me, and maybe someday they'll be right behind me. And in all of those places, we're all on the same plane, and I prefer to believe it's non-linear. Which means, I can reach out, and hold their hands, and raise my hands, and hold your hands, above me and below me and around me and throughout me. It means, inside of no time there is no time like the present. Presently, I'm looking at a mirror image and realizing, they've looked at me from so far away, just as some still do, and assumed I am, a giant. I am. A giant. And I'm standing on the same-sized stage. I'll meet you there.