Lulu The Giant

The UnderGo Festival March 9th-11th Savannah, GA

Groundhog Day 2017

Almost 300 people showed up to pack the house at Trinity United Methodist Church in downtown Savannah, GA for the release of the debut album, Kingdoms Fall. As people continued to pour in well into the start of the show and they trickled up to the balcony we realized this was about to be special. So many people supported the release with not only showing up in support but also building bridges all over town to get people to come. Amy Condon of the Savannah Magazine, a fan since the beginning, began the press party with her shoutout in the Jan/Feb issue. Then came Do Savannah, Heather Henley and Joshua Peacock not only interviewed and printed but also went to bat on the local television stations at WSAV. They represented Savannah's arts community and the continue to nurture the local artists with their own art, editing writing and speaking on behalf of all of us. The Starlandia crew came made it interstellar with the live show being broadcast from their very own, grassroots space station. A stapled and advocate for the arts community Heather Macrae and Clinton Edminster work behind the scenes and in front of the camera in hopes to build and support our city's arts development. As the release date drew closer and closer, another female musician, Josephine Johnson continued the press march with Hissing Lawns to share a little of the inside story of my music and to encourage me with her presence to press on, that it would indeed be a success.  Then, after just a few days of finding out that federal funding may indeed be cut from NPR which includes GPB, seeing the effect of that first hand, I was thankful to get an interview with Cindy J. Hall-Williams at GPB. Anna Chandler rounded out the paper trail with an article in the Connect Savannah. And finally Jon Waits, one of the men behind the curtain of the Thursday Night Opry Series, promoted and opened the doors for us to crash the place.

Then came the show.


Igor Fiskman on Pedal Steel, Anders Thomsen on six-string, Justin Smith on sound, Jeremy Prince on saxophone and then the power trio; Daniel Malone on drums and Alex Bazemore on lead guitar.

Savannah musicians came in full-force, and not just on stage. To look out and see them, the lights of the tourism industry, the artbeat of the Savannah community, my friends and colleagues who gave up their own gigs that night to come see me, listening and supporting, that's what Savannah's all about. A strong community that supports and shares the love of art in music, 'strings-attached', so long as you pour in, they'll pour in, knowing we're serving the greater good together.

So, a GIANT thank you, Savannah.

Catch y'all at Stopover. Stay tuned