Lulu The Giant

Lulu LIVE @ WELMONT Savannah, GA August 31st, 2017 7pm

Kingdoms Fall


Kingdoms Fall


Kingdoms fall Mr. Know-It-All
Your tower like Babel will fall. 
All your strivings come to dust, 
Stealing glory to feel the rush. 

Pride and Wonder, Curiosity

Ain't no good residing in yo. 
Digging tunnels with no way through. 
Layin' bodies against the rules. 
Tieing nooses with laces from your shoes. 

Leave your mark, 
just don’t tread on me. 

Train whistles blowing close now, 
Covering your tracks cant keep me tied down. 
I got free 'cause I cut down my flesh, 
I'm the unknown travelin in bluesky wilderness. 

Life and Death ain't the boss of me.


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